Wednesday Writing Workshops @ Seabury Hall

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Every Wednesday at Seabury Hall!

Drop in to Wednesday Writing Workshops! 

 Join us for tricks of the trade to write better, navigate publishing, rework stuck ideas, and allow your writing talent and voice--in any form. We know you've stories to tell and we're here to help that voice find its way. Led by dynamic teacher, coach, & seasoned local storyteller Nancy Taylor (N.T. Arévalo), Wed. Writing Workshops provide the camaraderie and creative play all writers need.     

Each week, we'll focus on a different storytelling technique, look at how other pros have done it, and get drafting.

Some of the upcoming themes, that can apply to any project in fiction, non-fiction, web, marketing, or personal storytelling are:

  • Diabolical Dialogue
  • Point of View: Where's the lens?
  • Gems inside that awkward idea or line
  • Story Structure--How do we drive a story to be a MUST for our audience, to tell our meaningful tales (or find the meaning)?
  • It's all about Sin & Syntax
  • Plotter vs. Pantser 

    And we'll always start with the quintessential ?: what makes a good--what makes our--story?

     Every Wednesday

    Starting Oct 11 through Nov 15

    Seabury Hall * 480 Olinda Rd * Makawao

      5 P.M. social, 5:30 P.M. start - 7:30 P.M.

     $25 pre-pay/paypal  | $150 for all drop in classes + 11/11 Writers Bootcamp!

    Contact (956) 9 WRITE 0 for details or send an email here.

    To learn more about the teacher, read her bio here.

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Maui author William Sayles (a.k.a. "Oliver Gold") pops in for a 
Wednesday Writing Workshop


"Fabulous teacher and info was helpful!"

"The teacher. Her dedication and enthusiasm."

"I liked the size of the group and your knowledge and ability to share it. Nice job Nancy"

"I liked the writing prompts. It made it clear that almost any situation could be adopted into a story."

"Enjoyed being in company of other writers interested in same activity, similar goals, etc - but mostly with a teacher working on specific skills."

"Nancy's amazing expertise & knowledge & approach! Being able to write in class too."

"I enjoyed the discussion about the stories we read."

"I liked the exercises and Nancy is just great."

The review on the structure was helpful for me, especially since i am in the middle of a book now.

"The small group made it easy to get a lot out of the class."

"The class was well designed from start to finish with each activity part of a whole."

"Hearing how others interpreted the stories."

  • Who is this class right for? Novices or those trying to get back into writing. If you know you need new tools--or a new way to see or understand storytelling--this workshop will give you everything you need. Taken from the pros in many story fields, it's a great bang-for-the-buck. (Learn more about the teacher here.) Each week focuses on a deep theme in a fun interactive class. Participants leave with a renewed confidence and an eye for great storytelling and writing in any form--plus tools to build and improve the tales they want to tell. Come, be inspired--and share your inspirations, meet other writers on the same path: looking for where to begin (or begin again).
  • Oops. I missed this. How do I learn more about future classes? Fill out this form and let us know your interests. If you're seeing this before a class begins, pay on paypal and call to confirm the location. Do your best to sign up early so we've copies, space, and are ready to welcome you, good writer!
Any other questions? 
Call/text (956) 9 WRITE 0 - (956) 997-4830.