One of a Kind Writing Class - Wed nights hosted by Barnes & Noble June 20-July 25th

"Living truthfully under an imaginary circumstance." 
- Elizabeth Mesnick

What's a Studio method? Something like this. But for the writer--whatever their form. 

A Way into our Art
  • Build confidence in your writing.
  •  Join a community of artists.
  •  Try on new writing styles and artistic expression
  • Share work in a way writers rarely experience, upping your game. 
  • Novice, pro--anyone interested in expression--is warmly welcome

Inspired by famous writing studios and the great models of actor's studios, this five-week class will expand our imaginations and artistic spirits. Like actors learn their bodies, emotions, and voice, we'll grow as writers by "trying on" all kinds of writing technique. Led by popular island teacher and dynamic, award winning writer. (Learn more about the teacher here.)

We'll learn about different writing styles together - and bring out the stories inside you. We'll play with language and ideas in a way you've never experienced. We'll also share our work to build skills, confidence, and voice - as well as a collective sense of art. 

Line by line, you'll see your style emerge.

Join us. Let's see where your words take you.

Wednesday nights 5 P.M. - 7P.M.
Barnes & Noble Kahului | $125*
At Maui Marketplace, next to Old Navy. 
270 Dairy Rd Kahului
(No class July 4th.)

 Class size is limited to allow everyone's stories to be shared. Learn more about our teacher here

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"Nancy's amazing expertise & knowledge & approach! Being able to write in class too."

"Fabulous teacher and info was helpful!"

"The teacher. Her dedication and enthusiasm."

"I liked the size of the group and your knowledge and ability to share it. Nice job Nancy"

"I liked the writing prompts. It made it clear that almost any situation could be adopted into a story."

"Enjoyed being in company of other writers interested in same activity, similar goals, etc - but mostly with a teacher working on specific skills."

"I enjoyed the discussion about the stories we read."

"I liked the exercises and Nancy is just great."

The review on the structure was helpful for me, especially since i am in the middle of a book now.

"The small group made it easy to get a lot out of the class."

"The class was well designed from start to finish with each activity part of a whole."

"Hearing how others interpreted the stories."

See more recommendations and detailed comments here.

  • Who is this class right for? Beginners, seasoned writers, those looking to try new genres/styles/forms or learn a little more about other ways to write or play with language. It doesn't matter if you've taken many writing classes or none at all, if you're a creative writer or not. The best thing about this studio method lets everyone start from the same place. We learn and practice together. If you're stuck, it loosens up your language and writing "game." If you're new, you learn ways to play with writing. If you're not a creative writer, it helps play with other forms to improve your writing, no matter whatever other method of writing or business you do. The teacher has done this many times (as a writer and teacher) and seen it make a difference for the greatest diversity of people.  
  • What if I'm so busy I feel I can't write well? What if I've never written much and don't have a lot of skills? What if I used to be a good writer but now I'm . . . blocked? For those blocked, dealing with difficult or too close to the bone material, or those feeling insecure about their abilities or tales: this method offers some of the best tools and methods out there to free up any writer to not just allow a story to rise and find voice but to help it find its shape, too. It doesn't matter your background, training, or situation - Style Studio sessions open the channels. Like acting studios, we all arrive raw and these sessions help us all arrive to writinwith beginner's mind. Together, we learn and grow
  • How is this different from the writing workshops or Bootcamps? Those classes focused deeply on story. They were intense writing classes on every element of how to create, build, and sustain your storytelling in any form. This Style Studio showcases--and lets us play--with all kinds of other forms of writing. It opens our world to the magic of language, in a playful way and includes writing assignments we build on each week. You can keep taking these over time and learn and grow--finding new ways to play with language and form, new ways to bring out the story in you--or take the method with you to apply. Like an acting studio, the Style Studio classes shoot for the same kind of development and growth of your instincts and craft. By repeating our method but approaching different forms--and sharing in a one of a kind way that you'll learn in this class--we'll reach new levels of growth and depth in any of our work. Put another way? This is the Artist's Way. But you needn't be an artist to join or grow. Come. You'll see :)
  • How does a Studio approach work? See at the top of this post as well as the video here, that showcases the Writer's Studio begun by poet Phillip Schultz in NYC over 40 years ago. It has inspired us here at Story Studio and studio methods around the world (much as The Actor's Studio). I'll talk more in class (and do, throughout my classes) about the effectiveness of this approach for many artists, not just writers. While not exactly the same as the famed studio--we add some special things here + major enthusiasm and adapt to our culture and 'ohana needs--we do share a belief in the apprentice model and power of reading to teach. It helps build a meaningful practice and will change you as an artist, offering a method you can return to as you wish alone or in community or with a studio-class refresher. It levels the playing field for novice and pros and helps us all, wherever we're coming from, write better--whether line by line, a story, at work, as artists, as pros in any field of writing.
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